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Reports on corporate events on ice
A celebration on ice is an original way to have a good rest together with your friends or colleagues. The popularity of hockey in our country is undeniable. Hundreds of thousands of fans watch their teams success attentively, tens of thousands become skaters themselves and enjoy this exciting game. At the same time, there are many people who want to learn to skate for pleasure and just spend a few hours on ice. Specially for those who are happy to spend time in this way the ice training center “AT HOCKEY” offers corporate events on the ice.

Programs of corporate holidays are not very varied. As a rule, it is a summary of the company’s achievements, team games and, in conclusion, a banquet. Today you will not be surprised by such an event even if it takes place at the most chic restaurant. But if you hold such a celebration on ice, it will give participants great pleasure and bring unforgettable impressions. A corporate party on ice at the ice training center “AT HOCKEY” is a new dawn in the organization and holding of the high-level celebrations.
Traditional festive meal does not make a special deal in terms of team-building, whereas ice events organized by our center really do. A celebration on ice allows you to get to know colleagues more closely and spend time in unusual surroundings.

Popular formats of corporate rest with a hockey-stick

  1. Corporate tournament

“Our team regularly organizes serious hockey games, for example, among departments of the company,” says Valery Klimov, the leader and the head coach of the ice training center AT HOCKEY. – Full equipment is provided for rent, name T-shirts are purchased”.

  • Level of physical training
    As it is a question of a proper match, players at least should be able to skate and slowdown. According to Valery Klimov, the basics of hockey can really be mastered from scratch in a month. For example, in the film “Legend No. 17”, where he worked on staging hockey scenes, it took the actors three months to look on the screen as real stars of the Soviet sport.
  • Rules of the game
    A little less strict than in professional hockey. For example, there power struggle is forbidden. The game is served by the referees, the score is displayed on the scoreboard.
Cost: From 100 thousand rubles
Time: 45 minutes – 1 hour

  1. Mock match

“Once a group of students from France came to us. They wanted to kick a ball about the ice with brooms, wearing ear-flaphats,” says Valery Klimov. “We had tried different ways to talk them off, but they did not abandon their idea and got a lot of pleasure.” Usually, such competitions are accompanied by animation and music, and women play in the same team as men.

  • Level of physical training
    It is not absolutely necessary to stand confidently on skates since the participants’ main goal is not to demonstrate sportsmanship, but first of all to have fun.
  • Rules of the game
    Nothing to do with professional hockey. The organizers come up with their funny rules for each format of the “ice” competition.
Cost: From 70 thousand rubles
Time: 30-40 minutes

  1. Merry starts

The assortment of pleasures is absolutely boundless: starting from overcoming the obstacle course on skates and to rallying on snow saucers. Such a holiday is good because it can be realized both, at a respectable ice arena and on a yard open ice rink, depending on the wishes of the client.

  • Level of physical training
    Even starting one. In the end, clumsy skating and multiple falls only increase the overall degree of fun, and mandatory protective elements such as helmets, knee pads and elbow pads eliminate serious injuries.
  • Rules of the game
    The funnier the better. Therefore, no one will be surprised, for example, with the requirement of the judges to crawl 10 meters on hands and knees, while other participants are whistling and jeering, in punishment for a missed ball or puck.
Cost: From 30 thousand rubles
Time: 45-60 minutes

  1. Match of the stars

Meeting current KHL or other leagues hockey players on ice is quite real today. According to Valery Klimov this option is not frequent, but it is possible to “gain any hockey player”.

  • Level of physical training
    To cross hockey-sticks with a star is possible even for a person who skated first a month ago. “Customers are usually more interested in the very fact of the presence of our outstanding hockey players on the play field and the opportunity to get a master class from them”, – emphasizes Valery Klimov.
  • Rules of the game
    Everything is like in real hockey, only without power fight. Perhaps someone has the idea of seriously “pushing one another” with a professional and it seems very tempting, but not a single self-respecting athlete will play at full strength with amateurs.
Cost: From 250 thousand rubles
Time: 1 – 1,5 hour

The Ice Training Center organizes a variety of activities at the ice arena, among which you can find:

  • Corporate party on ice.
  • Birthday at the rink.
  • Anniversary event.
  • Presentation.
  • Much more.

Advantages of our center









A birthday, for a child or an adult, or any other similar events organized on ice by professionals of our center will be remembered for a long time by the hero of the occasion and participants. Not only is it an excellent opportunity to spend time healthily, but also it is a chance to get energized, be filled with positive emotions and good mood.